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Tirabusciò cover menu ring binder mechanism for A4 sheet

The cover menu Tirabusciò gets A4 sheets and is made with a 4-ring mechanism, a wooden cover and can be customized in color and with the insertion of your own logo with print or engraving.
Tirabusciò with cover measures 23.5x31H cm and the mechanisms is with equidistant rings. I also created the Politeama cover menu which, instead, differentiates for the Tirabusciò 4-ring mechanism which has the tightest rings (they are normally used for A5 sheets but I have verified that for wooden covers they are more suitable and elegant).
This cover menu is characterized by its generous dimensions and I would suggest making it exclusively with poplar wood as the birch would be too heavy and unwieldy.
In any case you can choose between two types of poplar: the rustic and the fine.
Color and customization of the cover are practically unlimited: apart from the basic colors that I recommend as impregnating and that can be consulted on this page, I can make almost any color on wood.
Tirabusciò has a cover that is a “white sheet”. It can be printed in four colors, engraved on the CNC or laser cutter: everything is allowed!
For prints and engravings, I suggest you see the examples on the page dedicated to printing techniques so as to get an idea of ​​how to make your own logo.
For any doubts or questions, you can reach me via the contact form, or contact me by phone (you can find my numbers on the same page of the form).

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